4 Keys To Effectively Marketing Cannabis Brands


With the increasing legalization of marijuana by many states and provinces across both USA and Canada, new opportunities are opening up all the time for advertising brands to consumers on a wider scale. As innovation grows in the form of new product offerings, marijuana companies are looking for other ways to expand their brand offering across various channels.

States like Colorado, California and Washington where the drug is legal, still dont allow tech advertising on major platforms like Facebook/Instagram and Google. This begs the question, where is the best place to advertise my cannabis brand if I am unable to do so on the biggest ad platforms in the world. There are still significant hurdles to overcome before they will allow the advertising of marijuana, but that doesnt mean that there is opportunities out there for successful marketing.

It may seem unfair given that you see beer commercials all the time evoking images of people having a good time and enjoying life, but the same thing doesn’t exist for cannabis. Below we will look at 5 effective ways that marketers are helping cannabis brands get more traction.

1. Going Offline – Saying Goodbye To Digital

One of the best ways to capture attention of the target consumer for your marijuana brand will always be offline. There are a list of marijuana magazines that offer buy options for ad space where you can buy banners or full page spreads to garner attention. Dispensaries for examples are spending a ton currently to get into local print publications, where as with the right deals in place with publishers they can trim those costs down and grow their brands without spending a killing.

2. In-Store Experiential Marketing

It seems like like experiential marketing is all the rage these days and with cannabis marketing there is no exception. In-store demos and giveaways will always demand attention and help deliver your brand to the front lines of the target consumer. With the right activation you can come across as memorable and really stand out from the competition.

One of the best ways I’ve seen is having ipads in-store that capture the end users cell phone, email, and other pertinent information like product preferences which can be invaluable and used for marketing later on downline with SMS and email campaigns.

3. Using Technology for Smarter Marketing

A few examples from forward thinking brands at the recent Lift Cannabis Expo were the use technology for users to complete surveys and provide their specific preferences in exchange for the chance to win a prize. Everyone loves free stuff so there was a ton of interest in these giveaways and many times the users were giving away their entire catalog of personal preferences. So if Joe from Vancouver prefers edibles over flowers or oils, we can now align our marketing campaign to notify him via SMS or email of a brand new hybrid gummy candy that meets his needs specifically. And this can be narrowed down even further to sub-segments to further increase the effectiveness of the offering.

4. Brand Loyalty through Quality

A sustainable model anyway you look at it, having a high quality brand offer can help resonate with your target market, and having a quality product that coincides with the quality brand can really help build a cult following. The important thing to note when creating a brand is that it needs to have mass appeal, it needs to be niche relevant (positioned for adoption by your target consumer), and it needs to be memorable.

When you combine a quality image/logo/icon with a quality product you will have a formula for success, and then taking it a step further, maintaining a quality standard across the board will ensure that you have brand evangelists and other people doing the heavy lifting (word-of-mouth advertising) for you.

If you are not sure to what the best next step to take is for your marijuana brand, get in touch with us here at Leafy today to see how we can help you explode your growth with proven marketing methods.

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